About us

Cush Cushion started with a question, followed by an idea, and culminated by reckless pursuit.

How can the form of sleek, industrial modern furniture be more comfortable?

The lines, curves, angles and texture of the industrial modern furniture movement is inspiring. The chairs, stools, tables and other pieces of furniture compliment so many different types of spaces, it is hard not resist. However, as appreciators ofthis style of furniture, we noticed one downside, that comfort isn't always at the forefront.

We decided to do something about that. At Cush, we are dedicated to enhance the look of your stools and chairs; to complement, not detract from, their form and design. That is why our cushions aren't as pilowey or poofy, but that doesn't mean they aren't comfy.

Simple design, easy installation (and removal for cleaning!), and great customer service is what we take pride in. We hope you enjoy your new Cush Cushion!ipsum

History ofthe Design

In 1 934, Frenchman Xavier Pauchard drafted the classic metal H frame bar stool design. Although the stools have a simple look and feel, a lot of thought has gone into the design process. Beyond the design, Pauchard introduced galvanization, the princess of treating sheet metal to withstand weather element. Quickly, the bar stool started to grace the café's and bistros of Paris in the mid 1 930's. they were one ofthe first to pioneer furniture. In the effect, what you had was a new type offurniture that could be used inside or outside. It was incredibly lightweight and stackable.

The Look

Although they now seem ubiquitous - due to the volume of them in modern restaurants, cafes and dining rooms - the design of form meeting functions appeals to so many. It has a glorious sweeping 'A'frame look with gentle curving legs. Fashioned so that the weight is spread evenly throughout each of the four legs, every detail has been designed for a reason. As a result, the geometric cross struts situated just beneath the seat and the horizontal struts attached closer to the base not only add to the look, they give the chair extra strength without adding a ton of weight. The result is a lightweight versatile bar stool that's built to last.

Why Is it so popular?

The industrial modern, contemporary farmhouse, and other design trends welcomed this design into numerous spaces. By using sheet metal, the stools are relatively cheap to produce, lightweight and above all, because it was treated, it could withstand most weather conditions without fear of any damage. They add a cool and funky vibe or that cutting edge, industrial feel the galvanized metal effect ofthese stools really works. They also come in a variety of colors to match any design, theme or décor.